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I wouldn't need 3 healers if I didnt take 500k dps constantly in warzones like so

But what can I say just mvp bads sitting on me
Highest dmg class with the easiest rotation on a map that requires you to run 10 meters out of a door to run into someone? GG I bet every vanguard/pt in this game prays for voidstar every game now so they don't have to feel the wrath of the 10meter range nerf lol >.<.

I mean come on, who likes being bursted down 30 meters away with nukes in pre 1.4 and snared with a 50% passive slow who can make tanks look like paper with a 90% passive armor penetration? 1.4 helped a bit with the range nerf now at least but even with a range nerf, class is a nuke at all times. Only class I've seen with as much burst as a Powertech is a combat/carnage sentinel/marauder. Problem with their burst though is they get. 4.5 seconds of 100% armor on a 15 second cd. So if they get taunted or ccd during that 4.5 seconds the burst isn't gonna happen. Pt/vanguard on the other hand are a 24/7 90% armor penetrating burst cannon the entire game.

Either way not gonna complain about them that much since the 10 meter range nerf was FINALLY a little breathing room from the nuking.

Im sure if you could make your juggernaut stand out, people would finally stop complaining about you lol. The hate was never on your skill as a player but your class ruining wzs in Pre 1.4 lol.

Never personally hated you, was always just a *sigh* when out of nowhere the person you were focusing would die in 3 seconds without fail. Just gets old.

I don't think it's been fair that people say you suck all the time without giving you a reason why. The class balance of van/pts in Pre 1.4 (and still even a little now) was causing the rage in people. Hate the game not the player, is really what was going on but not everyone can do that obviously lol

Anyways, like I said and you probably don't care, make your juggernaut stand out and ppl won't have anything to say and they'll ****. Never seen someone hated on as much as you even more so than mosh and he's biggest ******e I've ever met. Though these past couple days he's been strangely acting nice and I think I saw a Gg for the first time out of his mouth when he lost >.> probably not on his period this week..........