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10.03.2012 , 06:49 PM | #1
I think right now the problem with dps mercs and commandos is that they have to stay still in order to do any kind of decent damage. (talking about the arsenal/gunnery trees) In PVE that might be fine but in PVP if you stand still for too long your going to draw attention from hungry marauders/juggs, especially if your a dps merc (yes youre an easy kill). So what I think BW should do is make it so that tracer missile/grav round can be casted while moving. That will fix the issue of mercs/commandos being nothing more than turrets in wZs.

Also another thing is mercs/commandos need an ability like "Hold The Line" which will make the merc immune to all movement impairing effects for 8 secs AND give them a 30% speed boost. Those two changes right there will solve the problems dps mercs are having in WZs.