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Ok point taken you two, my generalizations and plucked percentages aside, I think you are well aware of the point I was attempting to make, all be it not perfectly presented.

At least one of you actually spent a couple of words getting to the point - As of 1.4 the stuttering started and they haven't fixed it yet. Skylerr I'm so glad that you are having better performance since the patch, but that doesn't seem to be the case for everyone. I didn't need any better performance, everything was running at max and it looked lovely. Until the patch.

And TRYW I appreciate you answering the thing about Stock answer and Trial and Error literally, but come on, you know what i mean. You have seen the threads I have, lots of stock answers given telling people to do things they already have to resolve issues caused by things that won't be effected by the "solution" being provided.
I do understand that some feedback will assist with the debugging but sadly we all know this should never have made it out of the Test server.

And the remark about the nausea, you either misunderstood or just wanted to bite back some more. A lot of the people i've spoken to have commented that they can't now play for an period of time without the stuttering making them uneasy, I agree with that, those stutters make it uncomfortable to play.

The only fixes offered so far are pretty poor compromises if anything for the most part - Most of the workarounds require you to run the game at significantly lower quality while we continue to pay full price for the privilege.

I don't know about you two, but as far as i'm concerned its unacceptable, i'm not acting all entitled and whatnot this isn't the whole complaining about things that are provided free of charge etc. I do pay to play this game and at the moment that service is not being provided, but will they refund my sub in part or in full ?? Not a chance.

From what i've read on the forums we will get exactly ZERO in return. Apparently EA have managed to make themselves immune to UK consumer law and I can't see a refund of any part of sub costs regardless how long the game remains unplayable.

I do understand how unbelievably complex a game we are talking about and i'm not without sympathy for the devs, they have not exactly been given the backing they need by the company, but Bugs the like that we've seen since 1.4 was implemented would result in an instant rollback anywhere else.

Look I didn't want to upset either of you in my reply and my original post was a spur of the moment thing and not well thought out, but I'm sure you see all my points are valid, and i'm just another upset sub that wants to play the game he loves and pays a pretty penny for, and can't.