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10.03.2012 , 06:21 PM | #1
I was so happy with my assault vanguard until 1.4 came out and now I am useless in pvp vs your stupidly overpowered only thing I can do is change to Tactics whitch is the only one DPS skill tree that can do something (SURVIVE) vs them. The problem? For PVP sets if you were Assault you had to buy "Eliminator" and for Tactics it has to be Tech. Now I fin myself with an useless char, with an useless gear and I will not spend AGAIN 1 month doing PVP to gear up AGAIN my char because u don't know how to balance classes.

Thank you bioware. I will reroll to my lvl 48 gunslinger and abandon my fav. class of this game. Just to be able to keep playing PvP.