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Yeah, we certainly don't need more DPS. We just need to be able to apply that DPS more effectively ie. more survivability and/or defense against interrupts, particularly for gunnery/arsenal.

When left alone vs an inexperienced team/pug I can do good amounts of damage - perhaps not to the crazy 1 million+ heights of the AOE sorcs/sages, marauders and PTs at their best, but high enough. Playing against a team that knows what they're doing though (ie. high end RWZs)? Utter dead weight - and if they're melee heavy, any other class would be better.

Quoting an old post of mine:

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Hmm, from a gunnery perspective:

1) No interrupt on Full auto
2) No resisting concussion charge (not talking about resolve here)
3) root or snare on stockstrike KB
4) Long dot on sticky grenade and/or turning explosive round into something useful
5) Add minor damage zone effect to stealth scan (ie. giving us defensive anticapping utility)
6) Unnerf charged barrier back to 2% per stack.

Essentially give us better CC, better instants, better surivability, better utility - without increasing our damage output when left alone. An interrupt would be nice, but I'd be happy without it if I got all of the above.
So yeah, we got the interrupt, which for PVP was the least of my worries, and stockstrike got the root but lost the knockback (/facepalm), My main concerns still apply.
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