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I recall them saying (I think it was the 2nd official podcast?) that Denova Nightmare is suppose to speed up the gearing process. if Denova NM is released soon, this could solve some of the gearing issues.
At the cost of what? You think Denova NM will be on reach to every guild???! Hack, tons of guilds havent even cleared EC HM completelly, let alone start going to NM. This is not the way to go man, get real here. This will destroy whats left of the incentive on the hardcore players.
MMO's are bout loot tables, that is the incentive to peeps. If that incentive is lacking than the game is lacking to hardcores.
I aint saying that killing bosses isnt the main goal but that main goal must be achieved with a reward and giving a guild that wipes on a certain boss HM and finnaly bring him down a single piece of an item that not even is dreadguard is just pure and simple ridiculous.
I talk for myself here but everyone on my guild also agrees with me when i say this, atm i feel unmotivated to go to TFB HM again or in the next reset. The only good reason is to kill bosses and to have a progression marker but that isnt everything. We want to kill stuff but we want to be properlly awarded for that and this loot tables are plain and simple RUBBISH. Im telling you right now, this will kill my guild sooner or later.
From all the bad decisions theyve made so far, weve endured, i dnt know if we will endure this tho.
What are they trying to do actually?? Streching the rope iot release the next operation only in 6 months from now or something? This isnt the way to do things reguarding end content loot tables.
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