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((OOC: This entire post is OOC so as to not have character conflicts and make this as smooth as possible for all that wish to partake in the discussion, end of disclaimer))

Hello there ladies and gentleman,
Let me first introduce myself before I get in to some hot topics that I feel need to be discussed so as to give you all a better perspective. In game I am Som. I use to be the liaison officer for Alpha Company prior to my long leave of absence. Most Roleplayers on here that have been around through the summer will remember me and so I am now back to do what I do best.

I am not here to discuss the previous liaison officer, but instead here to reach out to other Guilds which share similar interests, whether that's RP, PvP or both. Jung Ma has some very solid guilds still around from the ones I remember. Seelund Trading CO., Knights of Sokan, SerraTek Industries, Furious Angels and I'm sure more and so that brings me up to what I wish to discuss with my fellow Jung Ma guilds. What is it that your guild is currently doing? Your theme? What sort of events do you hope of running? Looking to network? Want questions answered about Alpha Company? Need an antagonist for a plot?

Feel free to ask, question or comment, I am here to in hopes of developing good relations within our server.

Thank you to those who took the time to read this post and I hope you take the time to respond.
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