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When/where did they respond?
Inter-personal discussions.

I am a member of many guilds. One of them happens to be Dark Empire.

Here's some of the responses we've received directly from the CSRs and above, retyped so as to hide personal information.

Dear -----------,

Thank you for chatting with me today in game concerning experienced with server populations on Jung Ma.

I can only imagine the frustration you and your guild must be feeling at this time and I hope that I will be able to provide you with a more positive update when we chat in the next 48 hours.

Please however note that character transfers, at this time, is not a case of "wont" but a case of "cant". Our development team are currently finalising the server consolidation process and I imagine service will resume as normal much sooner rather than later. It is my hope to put your and your guilds mind at ease in the knowledge that we are aware and working towards making server transfers available once more. There is a chance that I may be unable to provide you with any more concrete update however I will do my very best to address this issue.

Thank you for your constructive feedback in this matter, your guild is lucky to have a leader who holds their membership, participation and enjoyment in such high regard.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again if there is anything further we can help you with.


Star Wars ™: The Old Republic™ Customer Service.
Which then lead to an in-game chat. Note that the person who wrote this response actually sought out our guy in-game. No action on our part to contact him.

G6-t0: Welcome to SWTOR: Customer Service. Greetings ----------, it's George. We spoke two days ago concerning server transfer. Thank you for your patience while I further investigated this matter.
--------------: Were you able to find out anything?
G6-t0: A little more information. As stated previously, server transfer is currently unavailable. This fact unfortunately still holds true, the action is not permitted byt customer service or our development team in Austin. I was however guided to a live stream that took place very recently which discussed this hot topic. Blaine Christine, George Smith, and Joveth Gonzalez mentioned in this video that, "Certainly we want to offer people the option to do character transfer as a paid service. We got a little bit of additional work that is going to need to go in before we can actually offer it as a paid service but that is coming in the near future." The phrase 'near future' should be notied. Near future I personally believe is weeks and not months in this case. One must also consider the F2P option that will launch in November and the fact that this will bring some changes to the services we offer.
--------------: We are aware of the video, but were looking for something a bit more concrete. Were you able to speak to anyone in development or management about when "near future" might actually be?
G6-t0: The development do not make these plans public until they are ready, they will not release a date unless they are happy this action will take place. CSRs are not made aware of these plans, however this service is coming sooner rather than later, I understand.
--------------: Are people aware of the importance of this? If they check the forums for Jung Ma, they will see that everyone is requesting that the server be shuttered.
G6-t0: We are fully aware of this issue, however, please understand the action is currently not there. It can not be completed. We know how much this issue affects our players' experience, however, once this service is available, we will be acting on it as soon as possible.
--------------: Alright then, I guess. I'll do what I can to keep people engaged. I don't know who you are able to talk to, to relay this sentiments to, but if it's someone who makes decisions, please stress to them that this is costing them subscribers, not just in my guild, but across the entire server. People are leaving because the server is dead, and all they want is to be moved off it.
G6-t0: I will personally, directly, pass on your concerns to our community team. I will express your feelings as best as I can and hope your situation is clearly communicated and heard. I really do sympathize with your situation and admire the eloquent manner in which you have delivered your argument. I will do my very best to ensure your case is heard.