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10.03.2012 , 03:05 PM | #2
Not quite sure where you get 45% AOE reduction from. Corrupted flesh is periodic damage reduction, not AOE. I have to be honest, although I have not tried it, on paper it just looks like a gimped Arika. I do look foward to your videos of the spec, maybe theres something I'm missing.

While we are at it, this was a madness darkness hybrid that I came up with. Have not played it yet, because honestly even I'm still trying to determine if it's viable. I would run this with lightning charge, and use the 2 piece set bonuses from survivor and force master gear, giving me a 20 sec cd on spike, and guaranteed heals from crushing darkness. The idea behind it was kind of a madness with more utility, I gain some dots, but keep pull and out of stealth spike. Darkness's 30& force regen should take care of any force issues, as even as full Madness i never had any real management troubles. If your spec testing anyway, maybe try this out as well.