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10.03.2012 , 03:03 PM | #87
Ok problem solved, Give healers and Tanks a bigger reward for quing for group finder as an incentive to que more often thus giving DPS a shorter wait (in theory). It's your job as a developer to decide what this reward should be. Some possiblities could be A: More cash or in game rewards such as coms. B: Ability to get blackhole coms for every group finder que COMPLETED obviously put a cap on this one at say 3 for a max of 15bh coms earned daily just from group finder hard modes. C: Reward tanks and heals who que for GROUP FINDER DAILY hardmodes better gear than just columi, IE they get a chance to get say a Campaign peice each time at a VERY LOW% roll.

Since there are times that there are plenty of tanks and heals going around, give the game a dynamic that detects how many heals/tanks in relation to dps there are and when that falls below a certain % the reward dynamic would kick in thus allowing people to earn the rewards and would be visible in the que window where you select your group roll as damage heals or tank. This would prevent joe exploiter from running hm's all day and being completely geared out in 5 hours in campaign gear. When free to play comes out give tanks and heals a bigger cartel coin reward or perk. Put other rewards in there too, such as rare items, IE vanity objects such as pets, a color crystal, crazy looking rare orange modable armor that no one else has or very few people have thus promoting individualism in the area of cosmetic appearance, speeders, PVE buffs with low impact on game play yet a small bonus none the less.

It's YOUR job to think this stuff up. On the plus side, you could HIRE someone and create a few JOBS by delegating this out. How cool would that be. (hypothetical) "what's your job?" "Oh, I get to brainstorm all day and think of cool new perks and rewards people get for helping other people complete content" . I'd do this job for 8 dollars an hour and be completely happy with myself. Come on BW i have faith in you, don't blow it.