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You know what I thought would be neat?

For merc side; you know how snipers cover, particularly entrench is usefull; right? What if, while shield is up, you could not be leaped at, pulled or stunned and get snare/root immunity including allowing you to move while channeling? Then when shield goes down; back to normal?

Might have to tweak cooldown time for balance after doing that, but just a though. I just look at merc dps, and my issue is not the damage output, but rather the lack of utility along with so many things that stick you in place.
Yes good idea, similar to the Shield when a Merc Healer uses it. I'm going to add this to the list.

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/signed But have no input...Been fighting with people including other Mercs about this AC needing utility/Survival increases forever and am now tired of trying to help...But Ill support your thread
Thanks! It was finally the last straw for me when I was leveling another alt (for the class buff). I have a 22 assassin and the number of cool/fun/useful abilities is ridiculous. Its puzzling how one class can have so many fun toys, it makes the Merc feel like I have almost nothing at all. I don't want any other class nerfed, I just want Mercs to have fun toys too.
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