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Hey guys, im a big crafter of 26 armorings and mods i used my +5 cybertech crit companion and i used to crit about every 4-6 armorings. i bought the legacy crafting crit, and now it seems that i never crit! ive crafter over 20 armorings and countless mods with not 1 crit. is this a bug? the same thing has happend to a friend of mine since he bought legacy crafting. anyone have more info?
If the Legacy crafting is bugged I'd have to say it's affecting Cybertech but not Artifice.

I also purchased the legacy crit crafting and use my droid with +5 Cybertech crit. It seems to crit one third to half as often as when I have Sgt Rusk (who has no +crit) craft Artifice items for me. I'm an optimist though so instead of suspecting Cybertech was bugged by legacy I've been theorizing that Rusk has a hidden +crit to Artifice crafting, he's a crit machine and has earned me millions of extra credits.

I'm only offering anecdotal observations on daily crafting returns over the last couple months, I'm too busy/lazy to record this stuff. I'd be interested in seeing the actual math though.
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