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So losing 5% Surge because of the "softcap" provides what tangible benefit to a Sage? Healing faster is of what use? I have never run into an encounter in PvE/Ops (as a Sage) where I said to myself "just .1 more second and that person wouldn't have died" but then again, my mileage may vary compared to yours.

Basically, what I want to know is why do I need to be healing faster? (Honestly)

Slow reply, foruming mid ops.

I think you're focusing a bit too much on "I've done TfB hm with stacked surge so who cares". You don't need to be perfectly optimized to clear any content in this game currently. My guild clearing kephess hm last tier is proof enough of that I assure you.
On a secondary point we haven't seen what nightmare mode is going to look like so that argument presumably won't hold much water later.

The general arguments in favor of alacrity are an increase in idle time. It doesn't sound great but you need to think about it a bit.
1. More idle time amounts to extra GCDs over the course of the fight. Means one of two things, it either allows you to spam more within a certain time to top folk up or it gives you more time to manage your force. Which in turn lets you but out more healing over the fight.
2. More idle time allow YOU to be more mobile, more responsive, despite not being a member of the operative master race. This reduces the damage you take from aoe effects as a general rule.
3. If you have never in your raids ever ever eaten a tick to aoe damage to get a heal off or never find yourself ever in need of more healing output, even then you can throw out some damage so the boss dies quicker (preventative healing).

Now I'm sure you can see the benefits are considerably more ethereal. This is why no one touches it until they have a healthy amount of surge :l

Two final points. The reason people like Aurojin are a bit blunt is because this topic is launch-day OLD. Anything to be said about it has kind of already been said. Secondly that "regards" sign off thing is kind of annoying :L
You're on a forum, your sig serves that purpose. This isn't a letter :L
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