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Quote: Originally Posted by Krazy_Karl View Post
Thank you for providing an opinion veiled as fact and nothing else.
Thank you for demonstrating a complete misunderstanding of my point.

I'm not talking about burst healing at all, I'm talking about higher sustained healing. Having some alacrity allows you to execute single and multi-target rotations faster, meaning you will simply do more healing over time in a sustained casting situation.

This isn't an opinion, this is a mathematical fact.

Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar View Post
I believe that both "no alacrity" and "some alacrity" are effective in end-game content. The only way you could get into trouble is try to stack too much alacrity and lose out on crit/power.
Alacrity doesn't trade with crit/power, but aside from that I agree with your post. The OP is mistakenly associating alacrity with "burst healing", but the point is that you simply cast more heals over time, and generally keep HT on cooldown more often.
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