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Why are support giving the same stock answers to everyone with the same graphics issues, NONE of your supposed fixes work.
Let's address this part first. They give stock answers based on what trial and error have shown could help some users, and for some users, these answers have helped get them back into the game, better or worse, without the irritating microstutters. It's troubleshooting 101. Try a set list of possible solutions, if they solve the issue, mission accomplished. If they do not solve the issue, the user comes back, provides the feedback, and with that set of information, plus system specs and whatever else is needed, the techs work off this collective information to derive new strategies to locate the issue origin and resolve it.

Quote: Originally Posted by Quintessent View Post
This game was hemorrhaging subs as it was without you making so that 50% of users regardless of SLI/Xfire have an unplayable game experience, for god's sake you've make the graphics stutter so bad that its causing motion sickness and nausea!
Statistically speaking, unicorns are 75% more likely to be male, than female. If you have hard, numerical facts to back up your self-derived statement, so be it, show them, and let them be a legitimate talking point in a suiting location appropriate to the issue at hand. This is the Customer Support forum, and while you believe your "facts" are helping whatever agenda you're trying to aim for, they are not helping the players with issues resolve them. As far as the nausea or motion sickness that a very select number of players are experiencing, in all honesty, that falls to a certain level of personal responsibility on that player's part. Yes, it's frustrating that those experiencing microstutters can't play the game as intended, but if you play at the risk of your own health, you have only yourself to blame.

So it's clear, I am also experiencing the microstutters, and thus far the solutions presented have not resolved my issue, but threats, demands, false information, rumor starting, general rudeness and the like are not in any way, nor have ever been, helpful to obtaining a resolution. Those that believe so are sadly mistaken.

To Skylerr, if no one else has said it, you are doing a great job helping fellow players to the level you have been, and it'd be great if more people would actually try going your route.
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