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So losing 5% Surge because of the "softcap" provides what tangible benefit to a Sage? Healing faster is of what use? I have never run into an encounter in PvE/Ops (as a Sage) where I said to myself "just .1 more second and that person wouldn't have died" but then again, my mileage may vary compared to yours.

Basically, what I want to know is why do I need to be healing faster? (Honestly)

I believe that both "no alacrity" and "some alacrity" are effective in end-game content. The only way you could get into trouble is try to stack too much alacrity and lose out on crit/power.

Now, I've seen this argument made for a dps sages -- that stacking any alacrity at all is of no benefit. But the SimC modeling showed that for a TK sage, (who has long cast time abilities), that the overall dps went up when adding alacrity.

I believe the same happens with healing. Only rejuvenate is instant. Every other cast is affected by alacrity, and your heals per second will go up because of it.

Will it make or break anything either way? I think not. But I do believe that my +9% cast time gives me more hps overall. Just sayin'