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One benefit for healing faster is when healing multiple targets. For example, comparing your innervate to someone with 10% alacrity, yours may heal for slightly more (depending on crits of course) but will take 0.3 seconds longer to cast. One could, for example, toss a sonic barrier on the same target (or another) or instant heal with resurgence any target, 0.3 seconds before you. This is also useful for heals like revivification or even dark infusion should you choose to use it.

@ itsmymillertime

I would not do crit as with 2200 willpower your almost hitting the soft cap on crit, so more power/surge would give me more sustained healing like the op plays
The bonus crit given by willpower is completely separate from the DR curve given by crit, the "soft cap" you're discussing for crit is actually ~300 crit, regardless of your willpower. Whether you think having 42% crit is worth more than having an extra ~100 power (with 39% crit) or whatever numbers you think is another story, but willpower doesn't affect the soft cap for crit.