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Considering the hilariously steep DR curve on surge it's of pretty dubious usefulness past 75% (hence the SOFTcap). Alacrity at these points won't blow you off you're feet but it will increase you're short term hps potential.

You were right sure. Sages aren't burst healers. Neither are operatives and BH's aren't particularly good at it either.

Being able to heal faster is still of use.
So losing 5% Surge because of the "softcap" provides what tangible benefit to a Sage? Healing faster is of what use? I have never run into an encounter in PvE/Ops (as a Sage) where I said to myself "just .1 more second and that person wouldn't have died" but then again, my mileage may vary compared to yours.

Basically, what I want to know is why do I need to be healing faster? (Honestly)

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