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10.03.2012 , 12:45 PM | #5
Yesterday we had unexpected similar issues in this fight. We've been clearing EC HM for quite some time now, so are familiar with the mechanics and normally do not have any issues during this fight.

One of our tanks would keep getting "stuck on something" while moving around on stormcaller, seemed like some type of collision issue to us although it may have just been lag related. This may be the same thing you experienced. We simply swapped our two tanks and had them return to their original boss after every cycle (something we often do anyways). This bug only affected one of our tanks, the other one was fine (although a dps would occasionally get jammed moving on top of the tanks). If you are using an dps taunter on firebrand simply swap your tanks and call it a day.

This seems to be either generated by lag or a client side collision issue that I've never seen prior to 1.4, but it's very easy to compensate for.