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I have to ask the obvious question here. So even if they weren't standing in front of the console and you could click it, do you honestly think that 2 opposing players are just going to allow you to cap? Do you think that they aren't going to interrupt you? The fact you are trying to cap with 2 guys clearly guarding the node tells me how superior your team is. While clicking around trying to find a spot to reach the console did it never occur to you to try and kill them?
Sometimes, trying to kill people is a waste because the time you do it, some other ones come and back-up. When you're superior in numbers, sometimes it's better to forcefully cap. It is really hard to avoid cap from numerous people.

I understand the OP at some point. In other WZ when someone is trying to cap a node or plant/deplant a bomb you have to stop him by your own means (attacking him, controlling him), it's active. But when you just stand in front of the console in this WZ, you avoid anybody to cap your turret without doing anything else, just standing here, it's passive. Unless that using your body to break line of sight (considering that all body type don't break line of sight equally) is considered as a fair way to avoid caps (and so it needs the intervention of BW staff to confirm it) it looks like exploiting (not exploiting a bug but exploiting a mechanic in a way the devs didn't thought of)