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10.03.2012 , 12:34 PM | #6
Personally, when I was playing my Sorc as my healing in Operations before changing to an Operative, I always considered Alacrity nearly useless. Granted having to throw in a long cast heal on a tank in a pinch did benefit from it. I never got beyond BH/Rakata gear level since I switched, but I beleive the only Alacrity I had was on my BH Implants after moving mods around and if those didn't have 71 (I think) power then I wouldn't have bothered spending the comms on them.

The most significant increase I noticed from a single stat was when I augmented all my all my gear and put a +18 Power augment in each slot minus 1. Pretty much once you hit the sift cap for Crit and Surge, the Sage/Sorc healer only has 1 stat to improve at that point.