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Why do so many people hate such a fun part of PVP in this game? Stuns involve strategy. And when every WZ in this game is objective based stuns really shine.

Every class has a 4 sec hard stun but most of the stuns in this game break on damage. So people who say that they spend 90% of their PVP stunned are being rediculous of lying. Use your CC breaker.

I don't complain about stuns, infact sometimes I applaud my opponent for it. I've been playing a Gunslinger as of late and I love rooting and knockbacking and stunning oppenents at the perfect moment. Not for kills, for skills...

Play the objective people.
QFT...stuns aren't terrible imo. I don't mind most stuns cause most people will break me out of it by being stupid. I can almost always count on someone breaking the CC I'm in and it's that "knowing" that keeps me from hating CC. My CC breaker always seems to be up because people don't respect CC so I don't see how so many people have the issue they are having. All I can say is, that sucks. I use my CC breaker only when being stunned in a fire pit in Huttball and when I'm fully resolved and people need heals. I don't waste it just to use it when I'm stunned and frustrated.

It's people who effectively use it that you have to look out for. Also, if you are stunned and are beat on and have no CC breaker be ready to pop a medpac and an adrenal to recover, or throw a seismac grenade to help you escape. Just be ready to fight back afterwards in case you do survive. All classes seem to have CC, maybe yours is up right after you get out of yours, could save your life too. Of course it's all situational but it could be people just assume once they are stunned, they are dead.
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