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yes dark council meeting would be nessary
the main plan would be just bombard the planet he on and stop him getting off
or tell the jedi where he is and let them deal with him
this more likily to be their methord of choice
for these reason
1 sort of olive branch, see we don`t like him
2 not risking their own skin, as he just killed one strongest dark council members
3 ravvock will kill some jedi before they take him down
sorry bit but you could not take them all down no one is that hard
4 they also see how well the jedi and republic could react to new information
this would give indication of their military prowess
that sounds like a good plan, you can bring that up if you chose to rp one of the council members. I know you said you were not rp'ing thanaton, but I don't think anyone will care much if you do, I have already taken 2 lol