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I kept this mainly for friends and guildmates, but figured it wouldn't hurt to share...

Please be aware that I have some games in there already to show how things are calculated - delete these before plugging in your own data.

10/3 UPDATE:
  • High score amounts for DMG, Healing, Protection, Medals
  • Fixed an incorrect function for TOTAL DMG and TOTAL HEALING for ALL games.
  • Main sheet will highlight duplicate values in each category. I changed this when I had a glicthed game and had to input something so the averages sheet wouldn't be completely thrown off by a zero value. I simply duplicated the previous games info. You can also see in my examply game that since I no longer run a build that produces healing, I copy the most recent game numbers to attempt to keep a general average over the life of my ranked games.

  • New Fields: Rating, Video Link
  • New Stats: Rating info (Current, Max, Min, Average)

"Main" Sheet: Enter info
  • "W" or "L" for win or loss.
  • "AD", "HB", "VS", or "NC" for what warzone you played
  • Opponent Guild abbreviation
  • Your DMG, Protection, Healing, and Medal amount

  • Date
  • Score
  • Notes
  • DMG, Protection, Healing, or medal amounts that you don't care about. (Either always log a category, or never log it. Inconsistency will generate incorrect numbers)

"Summary" Sheet: Results
-Edit Yellow area with guild names and abbreviations as they appear on the "Main" sheet.

Stats Displayed:
  • Wins/Loss by WZ
    • Totals, and Win Percentage
  • Wins/Loss by Guild
    • Total Games and Win Percentage
  • DMG Stats
    • Totals by WZ, including Ratio of DMG in Wins vs. DMG in Losses
    • DMG Averages by Wins/Loss, including Ratio
  • Healing Stats
    • Totals by WZ, including Ratio of Healing in Wins vs. Healing in Losses
    • Healing Averages by Wins/Loss, including Ratio
  • Medals Stats
    • Totals by WZ, including Ratio of Medals in Wins vs. Medals in Losses
    • Medal Averages by Wins/Loss, including Ratio
  • Ratiings
    • Current
    • Max
    • Min
    • Average
  • Highest Numbers
    • DMG
    • Healing
    • Protection
    • Medals

Abbreviations Sheet:
This is a way to keep track of what your guild abbreviations are. Nothing on this sheet is referenced in the code.

Other Info:
  • On the "Main" sheet you can select the heading items and select only certain rows if you wish. You can change sorting as well.
  • This spreadsheet will support up to 499 games.
  • The sheets are password protected. If there is something wrong, or you'd like to see something added, please let me know and I can update it. I will not give the PW out.
  • Does not support multiple characters. Copy and paste a new file for each character.



Any questions, let me know on PM or email:
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