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agreed, the only time i stun folks on my healer OP is:
1. to get away.
2. to help a teammate cap an objective.

i rarely use sleep dart unless i catch some fool out / gaurding by himself.
Exactly this...I use Defib to "Slip Away" because I'm spec'd into it for that purpose. I also use Flashbang to objective and collectively cap a node or I may use it when a teammate is under fire. That way I can stun their opposition and heal them back up. If this is OP, I apologize for that

I use sleep dart only to call in extra peeps for the assistance. I don't use it aggressively. So as not to veer off topic, yes there are a lot of stuns but as an Operative, since 1.4, I can't let us, Agents, take all the blame for all the blinding going on in WZ.

The new difference is that if someone hits someone I used Flashbang on then they are free to go along on their merry way but if I get hit by a Backlash bubble, while fighting someone absorbing my attacks to begin with...I am now blind and can be beat on for the duration of the effect which will leave me dead.

This is from the patch notes and I didn't see anyone comment on this in the forums but Backlash has been changed, thus more appealing now, especially with the change to resolve:

Backlash: The blindness effect caused by this skill no longer breaks on damage. The visual explosion effect now plays on the correct target.
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