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Hi, just was wondering the other day about this demographic. There is of course the thread for middle aged professionals, but I'm talking more about retirees, people with grandkids, etc... I see a huge untapped market for retirees in the MMO world, especially in the next 10-20 years, as the current middle-aged MMO'ers show no sign of stopping.
After all, MMO's cater to people with a lot of time for them, and I think this kind of gameplay is pretty good for seniors too (less need of twitch reaction time with GCD, more tactical). MMO's are also a great way to bond with grandkids, who many seniors don't see as often as they'd like.

So, anyone know SWTOR players 65 and older? What are they like? (If not, who is the oldest player you know?)

(Oldest player I know is a guildie who's 53. She is our main raid tank and a good player.)
Agreed, there is a huge potential in this market. I for one will definitely be gaming for the rest of my life assuming arthritis doesn't get me lol and I can still see and hear.