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i am not rping thanton
he`s my master`s master

But as far as ravvock consered it simple
has attracted the emporers attention if so
the emporers wrath
he can move freely as long as he does not enter imp space or republic
if he is imp space then he have fight against some one who wants to make a name for them selfs
or be left to get on with ploting against the republic
oops, my bad on thanaton. however, I never stated he attracted the attantion of the emperor. Jadus kinda implyed the emperor would take notice, but nothing concrete was stated. We don't see the emperor come to the dark council and say "ravvok is mine, stay out of it" and we won't see this happen, since that is generly not how the emperor works. thus, the council will have to take some sort of action against ravvok, and need to come to an agreement about said action, thus the need for a meeting