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10.03.2012 , 11:23 AM | #1
Setting up a +10 datacron run for Republic Fleet. I plan on starting at 5pm and i hope to have a chain setup by 6pm. So bring your alts/mains anyone that needs it and be ready. Watch the video to obtain the Red Crystal from Correlia first, you must have this prior to starting the run.

Also anyone that has a sage(with rescue) you don't have to be level 50 please bring them, the more sages we have the faster we can run people through it, if you can make it by 5pm that would be great as well.

Anyone intrested in doing the run from the begining get your mggs and lets meet at 5pm on the fleet. The more folks we have to setup the run the funner and easier it will be. If you can make it for the setup please contact Lu'cius or Lu'cinda or leave a post.

Video walkthrough includes location for mggs and red crystal.


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