Thread: [Synthweaving] Beating The Schematic Resellers
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10.03.2012 , 11:09 AM | #16
Most schematics that I get, that I don't already have, I try to sell for 5k (each). There are a few exceptions.

it's a (400) schematic. Those I vendor trash unless it's one of the really rare ones (belt/bracer) because EVERYONE sells them and the market is flooded with them. I've even seen them priced on the GTN for 300 credits, which means I can buy those, sell to the vendor, and still make a tiny profit.

it's a lower level schematic (under ~120ish on the skill level requirement to craft it). Some of these are 'hotter' than others and therefore worth more. Also, fewer people running low level UWT missions means they're rare(r). So the price goes up. If it happens to be one of the lower level schematics that isn't class restricted...price goes up a tad because it's more useful.

This is what I WAS doing before the recent server 'merges'

Now that we're all on "super-servers" and the population is much higher, there are more schematics available (on Shadowlands at any rate) and it seems to be far more difficult to sell schematics even at 5k each.