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10.03.2012 , 11:07 AM | #4
Personally, I have quite a bit of alacrity (about the same as surge ~285 for ~9% cast time reduction). However, I don't doubt that healing with 0 alacrity is perfectly viable as you mention. What I wonder though, is what is your crit chance at? Unlike alacrity, in addition to suffering from DR, surge only benefits you when your heals crit (not saying you're not aware of this). If you're stacking crit above 40% to maximize this benefit you're losing out on power which will even the heals out, and if not, stacking surge loses its benefit. To compare, I think my innervate crits for around 2150 on NPCs and a bit over 2200 on myself.

You're right about alacrity reducing passive force regen, but at the same time, for sorcs, the passive regen is inferior to those of other classes which is why we are more more reliant on consumption.