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STACKING of queues, WAS THE CAUSE.... and you know it. So stop pretending otherwise. In a mature player base where people would respect the group they were in and not jump to a queue pop.... there would be no problem. But it's clearly not a mature player base, it's largely selfish and self-interested... so they stack and jump.

If you want to make JUMP the issue, that is fine... but they can't jump if they can't STACK.
I'm quoting myself here because you either missed or intentionally misrepresented what I said.
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This actually doesn't say anything about stacking queues not being intended. What it indicates is that one of the undesired results from stacking queues the way they had the system set up was that people were leaving wzs when a lfg popped.
One of the results of stacking queues was to cause people to leave wzs when a lfg queue would pop. I said it in my earlier post, I'll say it again here. So stop accusing me of pretending that wasn't the cause of the issue. Does their fix stop this? Yes. Does their fix have other negative consequences? Yes. Are there other possible soutions? Yes.
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