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Believing it would compete with World of Warcraft.
They were partly responsible for this as well.

I just don't understand the player-base's fascination with a mythical 'WoW-killer', though.
A whole lot of the WoW hate is coming from people whom I have no doubt used to play and enjoy WoW, but somewhere along the line they decided that it became 'uncool', and so now they hate it because that must, by default, be the 'cool' thing to do.

I just don't see why a player is so worried about what other people are playing and enjoying.

Bioware was encouraging the same behavior ("SWTOR is going to kill WoW! I play WoW! I had better jump over to SWTOR now so I can look cool when I badmouth WoW as it starts to die!").

Bioware was wrong, and the behavior is still stupid.

A stellar RPG DOES NOT equal a stellar MMO.
Yeah, but this isn't news.

Stellar MMO = Stellar MMO.
Now you can get into a debate about what makes a stellar MMO, but a few things that might make the list are all things that the Star Wars universe has.
The rest are brought in by the game developers and writers.

A stellar RPG may not make for a stellar MMO, but there is nothing that says that a setting that was used in a stellar RPG couldn't also be used in a stellar MMO.
They are not mutually exclusive.

We should not be allowed to complain about a lack of content for the entire first year.
Not be allowed? That's a little bit totalitarian, isn't it?

Besides, there is a fine line, sometimes, between a complaint and a suggestion.
Doesn't every suggestion basically equate to a complaint? Why would I suggest that something should be included unless I was complaining about it being excluded? Why would I suggest that something be changed unless I had a complaint about how it worked now?

It would be nice if people would understand that things take time to create and all of that, but what about features and tools that were absent at launch?
I mean, I think that people complaining about there not being a hundred end-game operations at launch is silly, but people complaining about the lack of a 'barber shop/tailor'? People complaining that the species list was a little lacking, or the even the customization of the species that are in the game? Not so much.

Miralukans can't grow facial hair? Cyborgs can only have facial hair if they select one of the few cybernetic options that includes a predetermined facial hair design?

Even the legacy stuff... Only trooper humans can have tattoos? Only BH humans can paint/tattoo their faces? Why not other humans?
And if it is a class thing, why not other species within those same classes?

Those all qualify as lack of content, too.

And anyway, we are fast approaching that year. Pretend that no one has complained about anything so far. Where are we now?
Are the things that people are complaining about now going to be gone in three months?

This game is not about having one character and getting better and better and better gear (that's actually what I detest most about MMO's). No, the Legacy system was built around re-rolling once you hit 50, to experience another story, and the Legacy system gave you options to have a small leg-up with a new character.
And this is a ridiculous statement.

Do you think that they built the game so that every player would roll 8 characters and then quit?
Of course not. They built it as an MMO with the hopes that everyone would have their favorite characters that they would come back to, even after they had already hit 50.

If it was only about the class story, then why did they include non-story content? Why include repeatable endgame content that wouldn't be run until the class stories were completed, anyway?
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