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10.03.2012 , 10:50 AM | #5
What about a duel (1 x1) championship? Has anyone tried that?

I know SWTOR is a team game, with every class and role complementing each other. But there is a lot that can be learned from watching classes and players on 1 x 1. You can learn and use tactics specific for the enemy's class, you can see how others are dealing with your spec, and so on.

Also, if we could make it so that every duel is logged (Combat Log on), we could do a lot of statistics on that. Which skill is hitting more? How are the surge builds doing compared to power builds? How long can a healer survive a good DPS? Who can mitigate more damage over all?

If we just make sure we have enough combinations of classes and gears in the championship, we would have a lot of info to work on.

Groups could be divided according to valor (and even level, if we decide to make a sub-50 champ). Every player would face at least one of each class (so if I'm a Knight, I would have face at least 1 consular, 1 smuggler and 1 trooper) and gain points. First one's in the group could later have semifinals and finals.

Guilds could support the event with some credits for the winners or some other kind of prize.

It could be tricky to organize such a thing, but it's an idea...