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So to you personally, there is nothing to do except: queue for a WZ, queue for a FP, sit in fleet and complain? I see. Thing is, not everybody has such a self-constrained playstyle.
You're right, people should go out and do their heroic dailies while they wait for the gro-

what's that? You can't group at all while you're in the group finder queue? And it can take *hours* to get a pop for a DPS?

Well... stop being so self centered and ... keep unlearning and re-learning new crew skills..? participate in open world pvp?

Gosh, why is everyone so demanding and selfish with the time they spend doing and activity they pay for, over many other competing activities and services, in their personal leisure time?

Stop mis-representing what was said. The pvp designer doesn't want people leaving warzones (completely understandable) and they put in the a fix without regard to what it would do to both the GF and PVP queue times. They presumably did this because it was the quickest and/or easiest fix or a last minute band-aid. Lending credibility to this theory are the facts that it wasn't announced or even included in the patch notes originally. A solution that had been thought through and discussed would have been on someone's radar and at least made the patch notes.

Several other alternatives have been proposed that would keep people from quitting early. The quitting is what the dev wanted to avoid, not the ability to experience both sides of the PVE and PVP game. You are really fiercely defending a position that bioware didn't actually take, and it's silly.

The correct response to all of the threads on this topic should have been:

"We appreciate all of your suggestions about alternative ways to reduce early quitting in warzones. We have heard the frustrations of players who feel the sting of team members abandoning a warzone at a crucial moment. We also understand and are excited that our players want to participate in both the exciting PVP aspects of our game, and use our group finder to experience PVE content and complete the daily quests that require its use. We will be looking at ways to make sure both are possible, and implementing the change in an upcoming patch.

Thank you for your feedback."
Allison, Joveth, whoever - Feel free to use this word for word if you want. Just do the right thing and help the players get across the frustration with this change to the devs.