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The pvp in this game is fine, i don't understand why everyday its a tear-fest?

No i don't play a smash jugg or a mara etc... I play a sniper and i have 0 complaints. People just need to learn to synergize and play off their team members strength and weakness'

Am i the only one who feels the game is fine? Has the human race lost its will to adapt? :-\
I completely agree with you. I think there's room to get better, for each and every class, but that's a constant endeavor. Overall, the mechanics are sound. Although, perhaps problems with any video game just don't play a large enough role in my life for me to confuse them with the end times.

Of all the MMOs I've played (and I've played almost all of them, including DAoC, GW, GW2, WoW, SWG, etc), I enjoy PvP in this game the most, by far.

So, don't worry, you're not alone. It's an unfortunate truism that most people that leave the game to post on the forums only do so when they're displeased, which has the added ill effect of making it seem like everyone is just always pissed off the whole time. Combine that with the compulsion for posters to tend towards dramatics as a substitute for substance to get attention, and you end up with MMO forums.