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Quote: Originally Posted by The_Brick View Post
Funnest class to play: Bounty Hunter/Trooper
Nope ---Female smuggler. Not even close.

Best story I will agree with you.

Love the solo play style of the inf Shadow, but have been frustrated in the after 50 content with it.

Sawbones is my main, so it has a special place. I will fight to my last breathe saying it is the best healing class (or tied with my Operative), but I will not call it the best class because the difficulty is solo leveling a sawbones. My Agent on the other hand I leveled dps and respec at 50, easy leveling. Shadow was the same, solo leveling, solo heroics while CCing and killing everything. Still, watchman does not need CCs or Stealth to solo and kill everything, don't even need to waist time with a healing or tank companion.

Haven't gotten to the rest on the Imp side, but for now I will go with Knight - Sentinel Watchman. I was really worried about this class when I started soloing it. I have been on many boss fight for the Knight with both my Sawbones and Shadow, guild mates, friends and many just from people in general chat frustrated to the point of almost quitting. However, I haven't had any problems with boss fights (maybe because I have seen most of them or because I have all the buffs all the time now).

I do know for sure the Tropper is my least favorite.