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Dude.... they said in Allisons post that it was not the playstyle they wanted. It was causing unintented problems (and I'm sure, many player complaints), so they stepped in and fixed it. "
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Hi everyone, we asked Rob Hinkle (Senior PvP Designer) to shed some more light on why this change was made. As many of you suspected, we implemented this change to reduce the frequency with which players abandon Warzone matches mid-fight. We found that Group Finder queues popping were a major cause of players leaving, and wanted to mitigate this negative impact on Warzones.
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This actually doesn't say anything about stacking queues not being intended. What it indicates is that one of the undesired results from stacking queues the way they had the system set up was that people were leaving wzs when a lfg popped.

Stacking queues is not a problem. What is a problem is when the lfg pops in the middle of a wz and people leave. So supress the lfg pop for that person. Pause them in queue (they stay #34 or whatever) while they're in the wz. As it stands, the lower level fps take forever and a day to find a group for. Now that people can't kill time doing wzs while in lfg, you'll likely (not for sure, but likely) see those queues stretch out even farther. I think there are more sensible ways to fix the issue of people leaving wzs.
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Of course we could argue back and forth all day about the fix they chose, but that would be pointless.... they addressed a problem, and installed a fix. Working as intended now, even though some people don't like being forced to not stack queues.
Actually, it's not pointless. If they see that the community is not pleased with the fix they chose and has some ideas they may not have come up with, then perhaps they will change the way the fix is implemented. Unlike some people, I don't assume they're omnipotent gods or completely deaf.
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