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Currently losing a normal Warzone will net you anywhere between 40-100 commendations. I've been told losing a Ranked Warzone will get you 20-25 most of the time. What incentive is there to play a Ranked Warzone when you can get at least as much from losing a normal but actually have a chance at winning and not getting farmed?

1) That's actually the point in trying to steer everyone who wants to gear up past BM into Ranked, as it will make the match-ups fairer.

2) The under-geared teams may get steam-rolled a couple of times, but it shouldn't be an issue once the geared teams have rolled a few other teams as they will then start getting paired with other steam-rolling teams. Providing the ranking system is doing its job.
correct me if i'm wrong, but comms are awarded in rated WZs the same way the are awarded in reg WZs. the difference is that the comms are ranked comms. that's the premise I'm operating on. I've lost my share of ranked and never got so few as 20-something comms; that's for certain.

regarding the idea of filling rated wzs with under geared teams, I don't think there's a large enough pvp population left for that. unless all regs were secretly q'd for rated.
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