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Quote: Originally Posted by RazielHex View Post
There's been many responses actually.

Just not over the forums.
I think BW should give us a bit more than "Sorry".

I will be honest in that, I rolled up a character on The Harbringer to level 10, just to see the fleet and I could not believe what I saw. 8:45am PST and there were over 350+ people on the fleet. Thats awesome.

I am very frustrated right now because I am having trouble finding groups for flashpoints and warzones take awhile to pop. I have limited playing time and when I log on, the population is very low. The point being, I feel like I am being short changed on the experience of playing SWTOR. I mean, it is a MMO right? The whole idea is to group up with other people and go out and have fun. How can you do that when you dont have enough people to group up with?