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Valor would be the stat to use, it's the only thing players can't abuse. Gear can be manipulated easily. Match making should be based on Valor, but not by some minimum hard cap. Say 70+'s are prioritized together, but not completely locked out of lower Valor games.. Wouldn't want queues to take forever either!
There is a loop holw here as well....A great deal of people reroll same class but opposing AC or faction and then use Legacy bound gear to send all their WH mods to the new character @ 50....Although you would run into them far less often you would still have almost full WH peeps running around at lower Valor rankings occassionally....

I think the gear score on your modding should be the deciding factor not valor rank. They would have to lock gear swapping in WZ's for this to work.
SWToR really is the next SWG...
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