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People need to be paired based on gear level and skill, Valour doesn't prove either of those. The well geared players need an incentive to play together, if people actually started playing Ranked Warzones competitively, then they would start to get paired with other teams with similar ratings. Problem solved.

However that will never happen unless Bioware makes WH gear easier to obtain. People aren't going to put up with the grind, not that they face in Normal Warzones currently. Hell people have not put up with the grind and left already.
Surprisingly enough I have to agree with this...

Some of the worst players I've ever see were Conquerors in full War Hero.

A guy on my server has a Conqueror imp toon and an Elite Warlord pub toon and he's one of the worst healers I've ever seen. Great player. Horrible healer.
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