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I started playing this game in May right as Denova dropped or shortly there after and usually play for around 2 hours late a night before bed. I stay consistent with my dailies and try to group up with guildies who are on the same grind as me as much as I can for the benefit of vent coordination. I have top PvP gear that way and I didnt have to play 14 hours a day for weeks on end. Thats I guess the point of the whole thing is that people can complain that the grind is too much because they dont want to grind and are lazy. The grind is what keeps me interested in playing because there is a goal to obtain. The worst time playing this game ever was anticipating 1.4 and being capped in coms to get the new Elite MH. I didnt even want to be logged into the game.

But overall, I do not think the grind is too terribly long. Just stay consistent with your coms and you should be fine. What seperates the good player (usually) from the baddies are the ones that are willing to put in the work to get the gear and experience in the WZ environment and those who want to be handed gear and perks with little to no effort..
If I had time to do my daily's every day it would still take at least a couple of months, but I don't same as most other people with busy lives. For people like us gearing to full WH is a joke, we can also kiss wanting to gear another character goodbye.

I can assure you I'm not a bad player, but knowing there is no way I'll ever be able to gear more than one character is depressing and makes me not want to play at all. How can Bioware try and peg levelling multiple characters and the new Legacy feature whilst making it so prohibitive to actually gear more than one of those characters? It's just one more thing to add to Bioware's list of fail thus far.

I'm just trying to throw an idea out there that could have an incredibly positive impact on the game. Unfortunately it would seem all the self-entitled people who actually did grind out their WH gear want the game to fail as it's "not fair".

I can promise you now that this game will not recover unless they make PvP more accessible. And no Recruit gear is nowhere near enough to outweigh the grind to full WH, not by a long shot.