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Hi everyone, we asked Rob Hinkle (Senior PvP Designer) to shed some more light on why this change was made. As many of you suspected, we implemented this change to reduce the frequency with which players abandon Warzone matches mid-fight. We found that Group Finder queues popping were a major cause of players leaving, and wanted to mitigate this negative impact on Warzones.
Wouldn't, possibly, it work better if the queue just wouldn't pop during a PvP match?

Allow people to queue for PvP while waiting for some other mission, but just not give them the option to queue out of a PvP match once it starts?

That way the people would have the option of PvPing to keep busy. If they lose their place in line in a queue for a flashpoint then so be it, but if the flashpoint was slow coming together, it might still be waiting for them when they get out of their warzone, particularly if they were a tank or a healer.
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