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Completely agreed. It's a bullsh*t price that doesn't reflect the value of the item. If it was awesome, an honest to goodness upgrade, then yeah, maybe that kind of inflation makes sense, but this is ridiculous.

Your itemiztion guys are doing a piss poor job. I have no problem grinding out comms for stuff that actually is worth the grind. This? This is just busy work and poor design.
They really are horribly optimized. I have yet to see a single hazmat implant that provides any sort of true upgrade. Add to the fact that many of them have duplicate stats. It just doesnt make sense. What's the point?

Edit: you absolutely do NOT need them for HM TfB, in fact, due to the stat itemization, you would actually perform worse in TfB with these implants. Where is power/surge? Why are most of the sentinel implants so heavy on endurance? again, it makes no sense....