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The trick to this fight is quick and unquestioning execution of every mechanic. It tests your reaction time.

As SOON as the color in the middle changes or turns on, probes spawn out of the left and right sides of the room. Always from the same location, always following the same path. You should pair people up (in 8-man) so that a DPS is paired with either a tank or a healer. The DPS needs to immediately kill their probe, then channel. Killing the probe should take a grand total of three seconds at most. You just have to click them and use whatever you have at your disposal to kill them quickly. That being said, the DPS who is channeling needs to have first priority on killing their probe; the person in the middle has a whole 30+ seconds to kill theirs, so let the DPS find theirs first so they can immediately start channeling.

The DPS who is the last channeler, yellow I believe, needs to immediately start channeling, ignoring their probe. Every second counts in that last phase, and it's essential that every second of burn time is allowed. The DPS who channels can kill their probe after all of the data cores are down.

Something else that can also help you to kill the cores is to pre-dot them, if you know which cores will get deactivated. We also mark them with raid marks and call out the symbols that get downed for easy acknowledgement. We also have one healer help dps during the first phase. If your tanks are itemized properly and know what they're doing, they will only need one healer between them.
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