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10.03.2012 , 08:47 AM | #25
Where exactly were they standing? Were they completely blocking the console in every way? I ask this because surely you must have had at least one stealther on your team. Could he have used his sneak ability and gotten behind them to cap? It looks like they were distracted and only focused on healing each other. A stealther can use that to his advantage.

Also, perhaps your team should have tried taking another turret. If the enemy's attention was so focused on that one, surely the other one must have had weak defenses. How about getting a couple of big shot DPS'ers like a sniper/gunslinger, powertech, etc, to burn down their HP so quick they won't even know what hit 'em? Another option would be to cc the sorcs who were doing this, or pull/grapple them away. Make them pay for their little stunt. Make them regret it.

I don't think you could stop them from standing right by the console anymore than you could stop a couple of enemies in Voidstar from sitting right by the door, or putting AOE's on the door, etc. You just have to improvise in situations like that, and like I said, just make them pay for it by countering it with your attacks/strategies. I'm not making fun of you or your team, just trying to offer helpful suggestions in case you run into a situation like that again. I understand what you're saying though, and really the responses this thread got were uncalled for. Welcome to the internet...unfortunately.