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Umm lets see....I seen every Star Wars movie on day one since I was 4 in 1977. I was hooked so bad my uncle took me to see it 5 more times after that. I stood 4 hours in line for empire strike back thanks to my mom knowing I was a die hard fan. For Jedi my mom let me miss school for it on Day 1. Every rerelease I was their even day 1. I had every freaking toy when it came out. I would spend hour upon hours playing with them. I have about $100K in collectibles in my room. I had the great chance to intern at skywalker studio's thanks to my animation teacher in college.

When they are on Spike TV im their watching it. Even part 1-3 i dont care what others think of them.

The only thing I didnt get intlo is the books from other writers. Some just went to far out of proportion that it felt like a knock off space novel and nothing star wars related.

Yeah im 39 now and still act like that 4 year when star wars is on. When i got my son hooked on it my wife was like OMG..No....! Now star wars legos, Clone wars cartoons and SWG MMO and now SWTOR. Me and my son cant get enough of it.

As of right now I have a pro tattoo artist working on my leg piece (arms are allready coverd).

I will die a star wars fan and as my wife would say I will probably die in a star wars themed casket for my funeral.

Its that part of me that will never die.