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The biggest issue is that losing a Normal Warzone will actually net you more Ranked Warzone commendations than losing a Ranked Warzone... Which is ridiculous, itís no wonder all the premade WH groups are playing normal WZís... Not only do they get more Ranked Warzone commendations if they actually do lose, but the chances of them going up against a rookie pug and stomping them is greatly increased, giving them even more Ranked Warzone commendations for little effort. Since when is designing PVP to cater to this kind of behaviour good game design?
while I don't advocate Qing rateds to grind rwz comms (you don't belong in rated if you're not wh, imo), I'm pretty sure this statement is dead wrong. The max comms you can earn from any WZ is 140. 140/3 = 46.6ish. You would have to average less than 47 rated comms per loss while maximizing (winning) every reg WZ in which you Q in order to make farming reg wz's more efficient than rated WZs for accumulating rated comms.

so no. if rated comms are your goal, then rated WZs will almost certainly get you there faster (assuming the queues pop, but you can queue for both at the same time, so you don't lose any time by also queueing for rated).

no. the problem with sub wh ppl in Q for rated is as follows:
  1. rated rankings are an imperfect system, but they are designed to establish a pecking order. if you Q up for rated in half-assed gear (and few adrenals/med pacs since you're not wasting comms on them yet!), then you're handing the other team wins, thereby inflating their rating (granted, the more you lose, the less they gain). At the same time, you're killing your own rating, which (hopefully) is not an actual reflection of your skill but, in fact, reflects the lack of gear on your toon when you tanked your rating to farm comms.
  2. getting rolled, trolled, and spawn farmed is the least fun thing I can possibly think of. I don't even like it when my own team starts farming. grow up. have some honor. or be that little twerp on xb live. I'm for the former, personally.
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