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Grinding is pretty much like playing PACMAN.

If you want to keep customers a long time the less GRINDING they have to do the better.

Any game with Grinding is doomed. I left WoW for the same reason as after a year of it no one can continue sanely.
I don't see why people are alway's complaining about some kind of grind, why do games have to have a gimmie mechanic built into it ?
My MMO experience started with EQ1, talk about a GRIND every time your lvl hit a 9 ie(9-19-29 etc) you hit a hell lvl, took some players a week or more depending on play time to get through it, lvl cap was 40, then "Ruins of Kunark" hit, 10 more lvl's ,new continent and content, still GRIND.
Sony then got the idea to listen to the hardcore Guilds and decided to get rid of hell lvl's, release a new expansion every 6 months or so, new armor to raid for and so on and so on, only to stick around for what 11 years now ? and went F2P, I don't want to see this game grab that idea like WoW did and run away with it, sure theres a lvl cap, not a lot of new content, but yet it's been less than a year.
EA/BW needs to fix the bugs,smooth out the engine forget that pvp/pve abilities should carry over, why should a class play the same if you play one or the other?, instead of all the complaints against SWToR how about people go to the suggestion area and instead of qq give input, a game is only as good as the makers and players make it, as to the GRIND if you have lost interest in this game that fast, this is not a game for you.