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10.03.2012 , 06:45 AM | #1
Something has been bothering me about the Jedi culture: the robe thing.
The very first time we see Obi Wan in The New Hope, he's in a desert, where EVERYONE wears robes.

Perhaps Obi Wan and Luke were expressing their desert culture more than their Jedi culture in their choice of dress during the movie, but since all the moviegoers associated jedi with robes after the movie, it's like Lucas just kind of "rolled with it."

I get how they look kinda "religious" so maybe that was the idea too... but the sheer impracticality of having long pieces of cloth getting in the way of one's glowbat does seem to offset that reasoning.

Maybe the robes symbolize a jedi's vulnerability to reinforce the idea that the lightsaber is their offence AND defense? Still though, seems like that could've been communicated with loose fitting pants/shirt.

So is there something I'm missing here as to why all Jedi seem to prefer robes in the lore?